House Plan Design | 3D Modeling and Rendering | Estimation/Bill of Quantities

The Design Process

Design Consultation & Estimate

In order to begin the design of your project, information and ideas that you have collected need to be exchanged. This is achieved by meeting in person and or exchanging ideas via email. Once we have a chance to determine the scope of your project, we provide you with an estimate for the design work.

Conceptual Plans

Based on the information that you provided and ideas that we have discussed we will create floor plans and necessary exterior elevations in order to help you visualize the design. The images are sent as easy to read PDFs to enable you to review the design


Once you have had a chance to analyze the Conceptual Plans we will proceed with with the required changes. This is a crucial step in the process as we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the overal design.


After the conceptual ideas have been modified to suit your needs and you are satisfied with the changes, we will request your approval to complete the remainder of the drawing.



Share with us what you have in mind. This can be in form of:


  • Sketches you have made up yourself
  • Pictures you have taken or downloaded from the internet
  • Verbal description of what you have in mind




Compilation and translation of your all your ideas into standard architectural drawings



An iterative stage to refine the drawing until it is compliant to all your specifications. We might have to schedule 2 or 3 meetings to make sure you are fully satisfied.